That Crazy Wrap Thing!

What is it?

The Ultimate Body Applicator will help you tighten, tone, and firm your skin in as little as 45 minutes!!  

The wrap is infused witwith a botanical lotion that serves to reduce cellulite, reduce inflammation,  and rejuvenate your skin!

Whether you have sagging skin from age, kids, or even weightloss... The Ultimate Body Applicator will give you the lift you are longing for! 

So what do you have to do? 

To optimise your results it is best to prepare beforebefore you wrap! Increase water intake in the days leading upto your wrap! Make sure you bathe or shower before you wrap in as hot of water as you can stand. This will open your pores and allow maximum benefits!  Do not wash with Dove body soap prior to wrapping! The ingredients in Dove Body Wash will prevent the wraps from doing their job!

Do not apply moisterisers prior to applying the wrap! you will want your skin as clean as possible! Choose one target area at a time! The wraps are meant to only be applied to one area of the body at a time. By using them in multiple areas at a time, you will inadvertently decrease your results! 

Once you open the package, you will immediately apply the wrap. It is a cloth wrap that has been infused with a botanical lotion. Apply the lotion side to your skin. If you are wrapping your legs say, and you want even results, you may either cut one wrap in half and wrap each leg with 1/2 of a wrap  OR you can in this instance use two separate wraps. 

Make sure the wrap is evenly applies, with little to no wrinkles. Secure the wrap with the Fab wrap, saran wrap, compression clothing, or an ace bandage. 

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successsfully applied your first wrap! Get ready to be BLOWN AWAY!!!

Now, what I am about to say next is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

Drink water! This is not water loss that you will experience. These wraps will help eliminate cellulite, reduce inflammation, tighten-tone-and firm, increase the skins longevity and elasticity, BUT you HAVE to drink water! 

I couldnt say it enough. WATER WATER WATER. 

If you warp and you dont drink plenty of water, IT WILL  NOT WORK. 

Imagine rolling through the mud and you buy the absolute best body wash, filled with anit-bacterial properties... But you never use water. You lather yourself with this soap, and never use water.... That is essentially the exact same thing. 

So, while you are wearing the wrap you must drink AT LEAST 16 ounces of water. AND THEN, half your body weight in ounces for the next 72 hours! 

The formula in these warps will continue to work for 72 hours, so DRINK, DRINK,  and DRINK more! 

So let us do some math!!! If you weight 170 pounds, you will need to drink 85 ounces of water for 72 hours. If you weight 200 pounds, then you will need to drink 100 ounces of water for 72 hours. And I want to add, that is 100 ounces EVERY DAY. 

If this is your first wrap, ONLY leave it on for 45 minutes. This will help test your skin's sensitivity to our fromula! 

Yes, everything we have is all natural, But the human body is a beautiful chaotic organism.You may have an adverse reaction. These reactions are rare but are also possible. After that you can choose to leave them on for upto 8 hours. If you choose to do this, do it when you sleep! You want to stay resting when you wrap. Less movement is better! 

Host a wrap party today!

By hosting a wrap party with me, you will earn FREE PRODUCT! Every host will receive a free body or facial wrap! Then, you will be eligible to receive even more free product based on your party's volume! If you're local we can host an old fashioned party. Where you actually have people gather, in person, in the same location and you actually have face-to-face socialization! 

You can also host an online warp party!!! The choice is yours!