Welcome to the New YOU

Think about the cave man. He was fierce. He was fit, he was not fat. Do you know why? Because he didn't eat pasta and bread and rice.  Of course He roamed for his food everyday and killed it the good ole fashioned way. But He did not eat pizza! 

Keto is the way of eating in which we as humans are biologically meant to eat. 

Keto is high fat and high protein. No, eating fat will not make you fat! The human body is 98% water. What happens when you mix oil and water?  They separate! Fat is hydrophobic. It doesn't like water. However when you pour water over bread, the bread will absord all of the ater that it can! That is because carbohydrates are hydrophillic, meaning they love water. They allow osmosis to occur. 

 So if the human body is 98% water, and carbs love water... What do you think happens when you CONSUME carbs? You should be able to visualize this now! 

Keto is high fat and high protein. When you eat little to no carbs, you will reach a state of ketosis. (I think of Goku going reaching Super Saiyan 4, because it's THAT epic).  When you reach Ketosis, your body naturally begins to produce ketones.  Those ketones help your body BURN FAT FOR FUEL. That, right there, is how you will lose weight! 

We have an entire line of Keto Products, and so far I am IN LOVE. 

I have to have my Keto Coffee every single day. It is packed with collagen, medium chain triglycerides, and grass fed butter. It is a delicious cappuccino every day that burns fat and suppresses my appetite! It is truly incredible. 

We have Ketones that you mix with your water and it tastes like sweet lemonade. You can kick-start your fat burning process by drinking a glass every day!